Our areas of expertise include new building projects and remodeling, design, as well as redesign and custom work. We draw upon our own extensive experience in the fields of interior design, design and art and, if needed, also upon the expertise of external contractors, depending on your project and our vision. To implement your project, we combine our technical and design core competencies with empathy and social competency.
We incorporate contemporary standards in ecology, aesthetics, building physics, materials science and craftsmanship.
Interior and exterior arrangements reflect mid- to long-term spatial needs and possibilities for use.
Our shared structural goal is the creation of dwelling and living spaces in which you can objectively realize your concepts of well-being and quality of life.
By respecting existing structures, we strive for a harmonious fusion with the new.
A given concept of interior design and implementation is not limited to home furnishings.
Color, light, art, greenery, custom design products, and communication electronics are also involved. We are completely independent of suppliers and producers and only recommend what we regard as suitable.
“Don’t make the new from the old. Instead, mix the old with the new until it truly reflects the person living there.”
By integrating your expectations of well-being, quality of life, functionality and aesthetics, we create living spaces you can identify with.
We implement your visions and our ideas through an interactive process in dialogue with you, and by bundling expert knowledge with creative energy, we provide the leeway needed to generate innovative concepts and individual product solutions.